Monday, April 25, 2011

life is about planning

in life there are many things that you need to plan.. from a very small thing like what you going to eat later to very big thing like how you going to make ur dream come true.

planning might fail but nvr give out. but i not sure about having the feeling of depress after each fail planning. shd i have it or shd i not?? what wrong with having that feeling ? or is it not wrong it just that i shdnt tell anyone.

Friday, April 15, 2011

7 rocks that hold u back in life

1) i dont know wher i going in life

2)i jus don hav time

3)i have no money to do what i want

4) im too old

5) i have other to look after

6) i am too plugged into material world

7) the vampire are out to get me .

i like tis article.. it seem so true

Friday, April 8, 2011

take up a new course

courses are good way to gain knowledge and skill.. i seen peoples that going for courses even those that they not really interested but force themselve to gain more skills and make the life more exciting. i was thinking alots of courses.. started driving course . thinking that dancing dont suit me.. wanted to go get a sailing license , sign up for photography course. still thinking wat more course to attent

Monday, April 4, 2011

Get out of your comfort zone

"real growth come with hard work and sweat. being too comfortable doesn't help us grow , it make us stagnate" .

Somehow i like this sentence a lot . There are a lot of peoples choose to live in their present comfort zone and say that the life they want , because in order to grow it have to be in a hard way . example like using their entertainment time to go for study. A lot of us don't like to study and it is proven during school time when we rather go out play with friend instead of studying together.

However in order for us to grow , we need to sacrifice our precious time to go upgrade ourselves.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Overcome your fears

All of us have fear, fear to voice out , fear of losing , fear of risk.

When i was in jungle training, before even step into the jungle, i was afraid how i going to live my 1week in there. however after going through the training i felt it is the best experience i get in tekong.

when i was asked to go for swimming of the watch course. i was afraid . knowing that i have to jump 10m down into the sea i avoid it the 1st time. however i force myself to go the 2nd time and after complete the course i felt it actually is a very fun experience.

i was constantly told to speak up , i tried afew time and see that people actually agree with my suggestion.

Fear keep us from moving forward , try go against ur fear and u will see the joy behind it

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Read a book everyday.

Books are concentrated souces of wisdom. The more books you read the more wisdom you expose yourself to.

i went to the bookstore today trying to find a book that can give me a the 1st knowledge that i should learn. looking at the self-help shelf there were lots of books. how to communicate , how to be a leader .. all sort of books , and i choosen this book

i feel that inorder to start improving myself , i should find the real meaning of life. so i choosen this book, target for now is to finish it in 2 weeks. Hopefully i can find the meaning of life and when that happen i will share with you all

First Step

i was searching through the internet trying to find articles that able to give me a stepping stone on how to improve myself and i find myself this web . There are a few pointers that i think i should try starting up

The Origin

The purpose of this New blog was to show myself if i have find the true meaning of life and to update myself how much i have improve.

Before i started this blog i went around asking a few friends what they want in their life. there were some with bright vision of their future while there were also some who is like me cant find a future, unsure what we want to do in the future. seriously i still looking for 1 , if i were to see my future in my current job why not make it a bright one. Showcase myself more.

i went out with 1 of my best friend today for a meal. he say that he never really think of the future. his mindset is that human will die 1 day, even if u make some achievement u will leave this world with nth. After hearing this , i was like omg why this guy got no future at all but i think awhile, i was exactly like this friend. i told myself i have to stop this boring lifestyle . eat drink play sleep work. everyday doing the same thing.

i have been through 2 relationship so far. they both were there to make me see the important of life. the 1st 1 make me understand that we should always cherish every1 around u. be it your love 1 , your family , your friend or even your enemy. life is short. u will never know when the 1 beside u will leave u, maybe the next hr he/she will be out of your life. the 2nd 1 make me understand that u are not alone in this world. when u are sad or happy or angry , there will always be peoples to be there for u.

hopefully this blog will be able to let u see the future of urself.